ecoStick Organic Sugar


Since its introduction half a century ago, sweeteners have barely changed. Now, a few small tweaks has changed everything. The elegant design of new ecoStick sweeteners saves space, reduces waste and delivers the same great taste. A certified USDA organic and GMO-free product.


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ecoStick Organic Sugar: Turbinado and White

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Each ecoStick uses less packaging than traditional sweeteners, creating a sleek appearance and reducing our carbon footprint by over 47%. ecoStick is also the FIRST GMO-free sweetener and a proud supporter of America's National Parks. ecoStick company thinks of it as just doing their part to change the world, one tiny sweetener at a time.

MADE BY NATURE: ecoStick organic sugars are sustainably harvested and certified USDA organic. By partnering with nature, ecoStick delivers raw sugar crystals that retain a bit of natural molasses.

LESS WASTE: ecoStick uses less packaging for the ecoStick sugar stick and the outer case, so fewer trees are used than with traditional sugar packets.

GMO FREE & GLUTEN FREE: Using the best ingredients for you and the planet.

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