Titan Protein Shake Vending by One-Touch Drinks


Titan Protein Shake Vending machine creates frothy shakes within seconds at the touch of the selection. With Titan, you never need to serve bottled, over-processed, and sugary protein shakes again. It delivers five different powders for cold shakes at 36° F in 14-ounce cups. Ride the wave of shake success with Titan, an advanced protein drink machine designed to delight customers with something new that will increase your business’ profit. A recent market research report predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase in the global sports nutrition market of around 9%. Protein powder dominates the market with a 65% share. The market is expected to show significant growth following an increase in consumer awareness toward maintaining a healthy diet and leading an active lifestyle. A minimalist, modern design draws the attention of consumers and boosts sales. Simply choose a drink selection on the beautiful 32″ touchscreen interface. A freshly prepared chilled protein shake is delivered within seconds. Titan incorporates a wide variety of payment solutions for your customers’ convenience.

Titan Features

  •  Choose a drink selection on the 32" touchscreen interface. A freshly prepared chilled protein shake is delivered within seconds.
  • Drinks are served at 36° F degrees in a 14 oz disposable, 90mm diameter cup which is automatically dispensed.
  • Titan incorporates a wide variety of payment solutions for your customers' convenience.
  • Nayax payment solution is connected for cashless payments
  • A coin acceptor is available and included in standard models.
  • A water filtration system (recommended) can be installed to ensure tap water quality and flavor.
  • Plumbed water is recommended but not mandatory.
  • Easily manage drink recipes and sales activity through cloud-based software (Internet access needed on-site).
  • An advanced hot flush hygiene system built inside performs automatic cleaning regularly.
  • Product canisters with easy top-fill openings have medium capacity.
  • For a robust design, the front is made of high-impact, resistance-tempered glass which stays new-looking longer than conventional fronts.
  • A protective, clear acrylic door covers the drink dispensing chamber.
  • An eco-friendly model with energy efficiency allows for 24-hour run cycles. Titan’s LED-based lighting system and Eco-Mode significantly reduce power consumption, achieving energy savings of up to 50%.
  • Titan's drip tray is made of the highest quality stainless steel and will last for the life of the machine.
  • Wrap the machine with your company's logo and custom images to brand your business and boost drink sales.
  • A digital signage media screen is available for advertising, product promotions, and general messaging.


  • Width: 26.7 in (68 cm)
  • Depth:23.6 in (60 cm)
  • Height: 70.8 in (180 cm)


  • 287 lbs

Drink Selections

  • Touch Display for 5 selections (one for each canister)
  • Multi-canister drink options are possible for additional combined flavors

Cups configuration

  • Cup carousel height: 22 in
  • Individual cup size: 3.5" diameter (90mm diameter) x 4.33" height
  • Approximately 14 oz
  • Cup dispenser capacity: 60-70 pc

Product capacity

  • Total soluble canisters: 5
  • 5-liter canisters: 5

Water Source

  • City tap direct line (water filters recommended & available here).
  • Gallon bottle feed line and pump set (included).

Chiller unit

  • Included
  • Chills drinks to as low as 36 °F degrees
  • Cold water tank capacity:  2 liters (2000 cc)


  • Boiler type: Atmospheric for cleaning purposes
  • Hot water temperature: 77-208 °F
  • Hot water tank capacity: 2 liters  (1800 cc)

Connectivity and Payments

  • Standard WiFi connectivity for cloud management of back-office, or
  • SIM Card is needed when WiFi access is not available.
  • Drink App allows for easy access to drink management, display files, statistics, etc.
  • Nayax payment system is included with Titan (installed at the manufacturing plant).


  • Voltage: 120V/60 Hz
  • Maximum power: 200w - 2.100w
  • Suggested use: turn off every day when not in use, or use a timer

Colors & Exterior Options

  • Black steel frame (included)
  • White One-Touch Drinks interchangeable magnetic wrap  (additional fees apply)
  • Custom wrap: magnet or sticker (additional fees apply)


  • No warranty is included with this machine that is on clearance.


Product Brochure

Weight 287 lbs
Dimensions 23.6 × 26.7 × 70.8 in

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Sales Tax

We do not charge sales tax on drink machines for most of the states in the United States. The one exception is Texas, our home state. If you have a Texas tax exemption, please send it to waive the state sales tax.  All consumables are always tax-free.

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