One-Touch Drinks (OTD) provides super-automatic drink machines that serve bean-to-cup espresso, cappuccino, chocolate, and tea for business and consumer use. We sell the highest quality machines on the international market for the best price. We also sell high-quality, natural and organic consumables to make amazingly delicious drinks. You do not have to look any further to have a complete coffee shop in a beautiful box on your property. We serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and Collin counties.  Our goal for vending machine placement is to spread an awareness that self-serve kiosks are the future, and OTD can be placed in a multitude of locations for profit. Business owners and managers that have previously thought they could not provide this amenity can now offer the “smile-generating” service of specialty drinks without installing a barista bar. Our machine’s capability of conveniently and affordably serving hundreds of drinks a day allows companies large and small to capitalize on the growing demand for specialty drinks. Coffee barista bars are not always feasible and are a much larger expense than installing super-automatic machines. And OTD’s machines can deliver a comparable, if not better, drink for much less in costs. Our bean-to-cup coffee and drink machines deliver the most popular drinks with little time, effort, or the usual high expenses to the utmost satisfaction. Performance and taste will exceed expectations. The world has embraced all types of self-serve kiosks as the new norm. The fresh hot-drink machine trend is actively playing out in countries and are even ubiquitous in Japan and many Asian countries as well as Europe where our machines were developed and are built. In the American market, you will soon see more OTD hot drink machines where fresh coffee, tea and hot chocolate demand is high. People are now searching for less sugary soft drinks and opting for healthier alternatives more each day. People are willing to pay upwards of $5 a drink for high-quality coffee. The demand is there, but the supply has not been met in most US cities. We strive for long-term relationships by providing excellent customer service and leading the way in this emerging field.  We provide full service for our vending machines to make it easy with zero out-of-pocket expense to obtain an OTD machine on the premise. Machines are limited. Therefore, an application must be filled out before a qualifying location can be selected. 

Why place One-Touch Drinks at your location?

Cash Flow

We place our One-Touch Drinks drink machine in service to work for you by selling drinks. You become a partner as we share the revenue with you as a percentage. Watch the sales grow through Nayax Cashless Payment System reports we deliver to you on a regular basis. Profits excel with sales of around 12 drinks a day (an average). Take higher profit to the bank at the end of the year by promoting the drink machines within your business. There are no guarantees of high profit and please read the Disclaimer below. 

Stability and Benefit

One-Touch Drinks super-automatic espresso machines are comprised of reliable technology tested for over 30 years in multiple international markets. As an amenity, OTD distinguishes your business as an upscale location and destination for people to go for drink service. We will take marketing action to drive more surrounding businesses to your OTD machine while you promote from within.


Our goal is to help and support our partners so that your business is generating positive cash flow and you have peace of mind. We have the ability to fully care for the machine’s cleaning and technical maintenance so you don’t have to. Therefore, the businesses’ main responsibility is to provide space and the security needed for our machines. Routine Care can be expected as one or two hourly visits weekly. We will always keep spare Hygiene Kits (clean mixing bowls, tubes, etc) so we are able to carry away and sanitize those items off-site. Frequency will depend on the location, the type of machine, and how much it’s used. Rest assured, the machine will always be in top working condition.  Why wait to profit? Start today with our advanced super-automatic espresso machines so you can enjoy an additional stream of income at your business.  For more info, contact the email address: info@onetouchdrinks.com 800-560-5062                                                                      


Prospective location sites should make independent investigations before acting on the information that we publish. We do not in any way warrant or guarantee the exact dollar amount to be gained or the level of success from any machine placed, or action you take in reliance on our statements or recommendations. The market is subject to change and we can not control the ebbs and flows or guarantee the profitability of placing our machines in any location.