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Fresh out of the Mantiqueira region in southern Brazil, our latest Brazilian arabica coffee beans are limited edition from Serra das Três Barras, a 500 acre, family-owned estate. Passed down for five generations, the estate has been managed by Jose Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira for several decades and part of the estate for used for coffee research.

The Mantiqueira mountain range has peaks from 4,000 to about 10,000 feet and is home to several sanctuaries and preserved forests. It’s not uncommon to find picturesque mountain vistas draped in the early morning fog. The area is perfect for picky coffee trees which love higher altitudes with plenty of draining water and shade.

  • Full Natural process
  • Red Catuai varietal
  • Grown at 1000-1400 masl
  • Notes of strawberry, plum, hoisin sauce, and tree nuts
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BRAZILIAN Limited Edition Serra Das Três Barras One-Touch Drinks sources the highest quality beans from world-renown coffee growers.  This coffee hums with fruity overtones, and like most coffees out of Brazil, it's low in acidity and has produced a beautifully soft, easily digestible cup. Brazilian Espresso is a dark roast loved for its rich flavor that is deliciously sweet. One of the best attributes of this coffee is how it translates beautifully as either an espresso or as a dark drip coffee. To give our coffee its fresh flavor and moving aroma, our beans are roasted in small batches by local roasters.

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