Stir Sticks – Vending 90mm Biodegradable


Fill your super-automatic vending machine with our unique Stir Sticks to complete each drink service and stir in added sweeteners or ingredients. OTD Stir Sticks are made specifically for coffee vending machines and hot beverages. With a temperature resistance up to 190° F,  they are perfectly suited for hot coffee and tea drinks. They are made with eco-friendly, biodegradable materials which are better for the environment.

  • Color: Clear
  • Type: Vending, hot drink safe
  • Size: 90mm long
  • Units sold by: 2,500 case quantity (100 stir sticks per strip) (25 strips a case)

One-Touch Drinks offers the highest-quality, imported, disposable stir sticks for specialty beverage service. OTD Stir Sticks complete your vending machine's operational needs and makes your machine totally autonomous (100% self-serve) by automatically dispensing into the cup. It's as easy as programming the stir stick in the drink order, of course depending on if the drink may need an added sweetener, such as coffee.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Strip of 100 pcs, Case of 2,500 pcs

Sales Tax

We do not charge sales tax on drink machines for 49 of the United States. The one exception is Texas, our home state. If you have a Texas tax exemption, please send it to waive the state sales tax.  All consumables are always tax-free.

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