Active Protein Shake Vending Machine

by One-Touch Drinks


Active Protein Shake Vending super-automatic machine perfects fresh drinks by whipping powdered products into a frothy shake chilled to 38° F. Drinks are made within one minute after the order is placed with Touchless Selection on the screen.

Active Protein Shake Vending (APSV) can operate 24 hours a day and is fully autonomous. It will dispense a paper cup and payments are processed with coin, cash, and cashless payment options. It is designed to serve up to 500 drinks a day and is suited for gyms, apartments, hotels, or other high-traffic locations.

Providing shake service using fresh powder is a much better solution than selling refrigerated, overly processed drinks that expire quickly. Active Protein incorporates the most sophisticated drink technology known worldwide to make out-of-this-world delicious drinks that keep people coming back for more. Active Protein is a valued asset in any establishment and people will appreciate the convenience of having an APSV nearby to visit daily. Serving shakes has never been easier than with APSV.

Active Protein Vending

Highlighted Features

Interface: Touchless screen & options

Up to 12 selections are available with six powder canisters. Blend two different powders to expand the menu. Custom drink cards are available. A backlit touchless display is very user-friendly. Touchless Selection allows the public to order drinks from a distance of 1/2 inch keeping the screen sanitary and less maintenance needed.


Autonomous, Chilled & Refreshing, Eco-Mode

Active Protein is compatible with cashless payment processors. A built-in chiller cools water for shakes to a refreshing 38° F degrees. With Eco-Mode Power, conservative use of electricity provides refrigeration for little expense versus a large refrigerator for bottled drinks that expire more quickly. Powders have a shelf life up to two years.

Maintenance & Water

Ease of access inside the machine, removable parts, and smooth surfaces make cleaning and maintenance easy. A special boiler is incorporated for a hot water cleaning process called the hot flush hygiene system. Schedule it for any time after drink service or at certain times of the day.

A water bottle-supply option allows you to place Active Protein anywhere a dedicated electric 120v line and outlet is available.

Configure drink and machine settings with simple-to-use software through a Windows-based laptop. Keep track of the number of drinks ordered, diagnostic checks, and set auto cleaning cycles on the machine’s LCD display, among other useful software functions also available using its hand-held remote.



Active Protein is designed to delight customers with something new that they are looking for and will increase profit for your business. A recent market research report predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) increase in the global sports nutrition market of 9%. The sports protein powder segment dominates the market with a 65% share and is expected to grow.

Active Protein is designed in Europe by highly skilled engineers with decades of industry experience to ensure you receive the most advanced drink machine. APSV is a commercial-grade machine made to last with high usage and for years to come with quality, replaceable components. Active Protein is in a class of its own due to its unique technology, contemporary look, cold drinks, competitive price, reliability, ease of maintenance, and relevance in the marketplace. 


  • Height: 72 in (1830 mm)
  • Width: 23.75 in (603 mm)
  • Depth: 25.75 in (654 mm)
  • Weight: 364 lbs (165 kg)


  • The Menu Selection Screen is a touchless screen to order drinks.
  • The ordering screen is made of backlit cards with drink images and drink names which is easy to use by the public.
  • Total number of  Selections: 12
    • 10 drinks selections are available when two pre-selections are used (Start button & No Cup Drop)
    • Customize the menu with a variety of drink cards (included) and change the menu according to what you choose to offer.
    • 6 drink selections will be used to order 6 different types of powder of your choosing from the 6 available canisters. Mix two powders to create new flavors.
    • Mix two powders to create new flavors.
    • Change the menu with a variety of drink cards included according to what you choose to offer.
    • Custom drink cards can be made upon request (fee applies).
    • Your drink menu and pre-selections will be set up before delivery and installation. Many drink cards with standard protein drinks and flavors are included.
    • Touchless Selection is a backlit touchless display to order drinks from a distance of 1/2 inch.
  • The LCD display indicates information such as what drink is ordered, insert money, out of water, and water bin full, etc.
  • A multi-media display is available for digital signage, advertising, and product promotion.
    • 50+ images by OTD immediately available for use on the photo player
    • Customize the photo player with your own promotions and brand messaging


  • Instant powders (no brewer)
  • Cold water
  • Soluble mixer bowls: 6
  • The soluble system is specially designed to avoid any errors and product blockage from over-saturation in the bowls.


  • Soluble canisters: 6
    • 10-liter canisters: 1
    • 6-liter canisters: 5


  • Cup carousel height: 24.2 in
  • Cup size: 3.15″  (90mm) diameter
  • Stocks approx. 300 pcs


  • Boiler Type: Atmospheric For cleaning purposes
  • Capacity (volume): 2800 cc


  • Option (1) City tap water supply through a waterline for high-level use
  • Option (2) A multigallon jug and pump and water are fed through a waterline.


  • Electronic water temperature control & water level control
  • Electronic “liquid bin full” detector, (turns down drink services)
  • A programmable water filter change alert system is set by the number of servings chosen.
  • Brita water filter is included to enhance the drink quality and protect the system from mineral build-up.


  • Ease of access inside the machine and smooth surfaces makes cleaning easy.
  • Easy to refill top-loading, flip-top canisters mean you do not have to remove the canisters to refill them.
  • A special boiler is incorporated for a hot water cleaning process… the advanced hot flush hygiene system that functions with hot water flushes through the mixing bowls and dispensing tubes.
  • Auto-Cleaning:  Schedule for 15 minutes or more after every drink service. Auto-cleaning routines are quick, thorough and can be scheduled at specific times throughout the day or night.
  • An internal hose and spray gun are also available for rinsing mixer bowls in addition to the hot water hygiene flush.
  • Minimal daily maintenance: emptying the wastewater bins and clean the mixing bowls. Large waste bins included for less frequent mandatory visits
  • Easy-to-follow guides help keep your machine in top condition.


    • Made with durable materials such as acrylic glass and cold-rolled sheet metal
    • Fully flexible recipes are configured easily through a remote control on the back of the door. Or use the software on a Windows-based computer and USB thumb drive to transfer files.
    • Independent drink counters: track the drink orders in the software for each drink.
    • Eco-Mode for energy efficiency. Energy consumption has been reduced as low as possible by obtaining an A+ energy efficiency certification.
    • Developed under the 3R rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


    • Internal and chills drinks to 38° F degrees


    • USB connectivity Kit
    • EXE/MDB protocol
    • Standard EVA-DTS module


    • US & Canada: 120v/ 60 Hz
    • Maximum power: 1,200 W


    • The door has an anti-lever lock which works well for unattended locations and secures all the ingredients away from the public.
    • Metal panels reinforce the cabinet. The rear reinforcement is made of galvanized steel.
    • The secure cup station is constructed of stainless steel with no gaps that could give access to the interior.
    • Several anchorage points available for greater security


    • Black
    • One-Touch Drinks magnetic wrap (additional fee applies)
    • Custom wrap (additional fee applies)
      • Wrap Active Protein with your company logo and promotional messaging to boost sales. Magnets are suggested since they are not permanent.


    • Credit Card & Cashless Payment system compatible
    • Nayax Cashless offers many programs through a VPOS device. Use as a hybrid free/sales system with the use of a pre-loaded Nayax card so the machine will provide free drinks for employees. Meanwhile, the default setting would be payment-per-service mode. (See Nayax here)
    • Coin acceptor compatible
    • Incorporate two types of payment solutions at one time (suggested as cashless and coin acceptor).


    • One year on parts

    Free Shipping and Installation

    We provide free shipping and installation for all new drink machines sold with a destination in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and 250 miles beyond the zip code of 75010. Maximum distance for free to the following cities (for example); Austin, Shreveport, Oklahoma City, Colorado City.

    Vending machines are available ONLY in the LISTED SERVICE RANGE of 250 MILES FROM 75010.

    Installation Terms

    Installation is possible as long as the location is within the service area of a third-party technician who can be employed for the installation, training, and after-sales service calls. Any installation requiring additional visits due to a site not being ready or that requires travel in excess of one hour would incur additional costs relative to the certified technician in your area. Installation by an unqualified technician can void your warranty. Please call One-Touch Drinks to place your order and start the process. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Sales Tax

    We do not charge sales tax on drink machines for 49 of the United States. The one exception is Texas, our home state. If you have a Texas tax exemption, please send it to waive the state sales tax.  All consumables are always tax-free.

    Tel: 800-560-5062

    Email: [email protected]

    Shipping and Return Policy

    Maintenance & Service

    One-Touch Drinks technology is designed and built by highly skilled European engineers and has been tested over many years and in multiple markets around the world. Our machines are commercial grade, low maintenance, require little electricity to function, and will run smoothly for many years with proper maintenance. We stand behind our machines with a one-year warranty and can provide technical support when needed no matter where you are located (as long as there is a skilled technician in the area). We look forward to keeping you well-informed about your machine’s maintenance requirements. Your success is how we measure our success, and we look forward to leading the way.

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