Monk Fruit-Erythritol 2:1 Sweet Crystals by One-Touch Drinks

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Monk Fruit-Erythritol 2:1 Sweet Crystals is made of the finest natural and non-GMOs ingredients. Monk-fruit extract and erythritol are mild sugar alcohols derived from fruits and plants. It is the perfect substitute for cane sugar or other types of artificial sweeteners. It has zero calories and is zero to one on the glycemic index yet has all the flavor, sweetness, and texture as cane sugar.

You may use this to bake with and has a 2:1 sweetness ratio to sugar (twice as sweet as sugar). Pure monk fruit extract is up to 300 times sweeter than sugar, and so it’s added to less sweet erythritol.  Oral health studies have revealed that erythritol can reduce dental plaque and acids and decreases tooth decay. Erythritol also reduced counts of streptococci in saliva resulting in improved oral hygiene with use. Use for all your sweetening needs for a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor that everyone can enjoy!


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Monk Fruit-Erythritol 2:1 Sweet Crystals

Product Specifications

Brand: One-Touch Drinks
Weight: 2 pounds & 5 pounds
Sold As: Individual 2 lb or 5 lb foil pouches. Available in cases (12 bags) with a 10% discount for bulk purchases. Inquire with Customer Service for bulk pricing.
  • Packaged in a foil pouch with a resealable zip lock top for secure storage.
  • Easy to use. Add half the amount of crystals as you would sugar to your favorite coffee, tea or baking recipe. The sweetness ratio is 2:1 to cane sugar.
  • Tastes just like cane sugar, yet with the advantage of zero-calories and a zero glycemic impact.
  • This product can store for 2 years.

Ingredients: Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract.

Zero Added:  Artificial Flavors or Colors, Preservatives, Chemicals, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Gluten, GMOs, or Soy

Nutrition Facts

Serving: 30 gr of dry ingredients
Calories: 0
Protein: 0 g
Fat: 0 grams
Carbohydrates: 0 g
Sugar: 0 g
Sugar alcohol: 30 g
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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5 reviews for Monk Fruit-Erythritol 2:1 Sweet Crystals by One-Touch Drinks

  1. Charleen Keith

    I just finished making a genuine New York Cheesecake using MONKFRUIT sweetener and I’m amazed. The taste is beyond just comparable. It is indistinguishable. I will not hesitate to use this product in any of my favorite baking recipes. I only wish this was around when my mom, who suffered from Diabetes, was still alive so she could continue to enjoy all her favorite baked goods without worrying about her blood sugar.

    I highly recommend Monk Fruit-Erythritol Sweetener Crystals by One-Touch Drinks. It is worth every penny. My only hesitation in sharing this review is that more people will try it, buy it and then my ability to get it so quickly will be effected. So buy it, but save some for me.

  2. Anna

    Bottom line: Zero Glycemic Index, delicious sugary taste without the bad carbs –
    This is the best sugar substitute I have used. It gives major sweetening power with little product and with the cooling effect Erythritol is known for.This is important because a) hubby is diabetic, and b) Monk Fruit-Erythritol Sweetener Crystals has a ZERO glycemic level, meaning it will NOT raise your blood sugar. That’s important in weight loss and in maintaining a healthy a1c (according to hubby’s doctor).

    I have researched it online and found that some people criticize monk fruit sweetener for the cost of this blend because it’s purportedly mostly erythritol. Monkfruit by itself is a very strong sweetener (estimated up to three-HUNDRED times the sweetness of sugar in its purest form). So not much monk fruit is required for a lot of sweetening power. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol. Since there are 4 carbs of “sugar alcohols” in Erythritol, this is considered by most modern carb counters to be ZERO net carbs. Sugar Alcohols do not impact your body, weight or glycemic index (GI) the same way as “regular” carbs or sugars. They are eliminated before impacting your GI. People seem to be basing this claim on the 4 grams of sugar alcohols under carbs on the nutritional label, which would be the Erythritol.

    I don’t care how much Erythritol there is when there is a product with very fine grains that dissolve smoothly and completely, even in cold iced tea. Monkfruit sweetens the closest to sugar of anything I’ve ever tasted. I’ll be back for more.

  3. Nancy

    This is a Game changer
    This product is a lifestyle changer!!! I am a food addict, sugarholic!! Started the Keto lifestyle on Feb 5th worried I would fail because of my love for sugar but knew I had to try…a few weeks later came across someone who had made Cheesecake with this..can I say GAME CHANGER!!! I will never need to eat toxic sugar again. Welcome home Monk Fruit-Erythritol Sweetener Crystals! I have the large size in my cart ready for the price discount and I know I’ll use it. My favorite is cinnamon and Monk Fruit-Erythritol Sweetener Crystals on my french toast. My fiance couldn’t even tell there was no sugar in any of the recipes. WINNER

  4. Pam

    The best sugar substitute in the world!
    I love this sweetener!! By far the best sugar substitute out there. It’s much healthier than Splenda or other chemical substitutes!! I’m on keto and I make keto desserts all the time and my non-keto family members can’t tell the difference between sugar cane.

  5. Dan

    Delish, tastes exactly like sugar.

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