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Colombian Arabica Coffee Bean is our roaster’s “Old Faithful”  and reliable bean for many blends. Let the famous Colombian Arabica bean’s reputation push any doubts aside that there is a difference between small-batch roasted and big box or plastic pods. From the first sip, experience the vibrance of freshly roasted beans in contrast to store-bought that may be a year or even more old. You literally cannot go wrong with Colombian Arabica beans. And once you go with freshly-roasted, you’ll never go back.

Colombian Espresso Beans Specifications

  • Available in Medium and Espresso roasts
  • Washed processed
  • Medium body with a balanced finish and mild acidity
  • Notes of brown sugar and hints of slightly toasted almond
  • ~1500 meters above sea level, Antioquia region
  • Balanced, rich, aromatic, and satisfying
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

1 lb, 5 lb


Medium, Dark, Espresso

Sales Tax

We do not charge sales tax on drink machines for most of the states in the United States. The one exception is Texas, our home state. If you have a Texas tax exemption, please send it to waive the state sales tax.  All consumables are always tax-free.

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