Hygiene Kits


A Hygiene Kit is a convenient way to clean the machine during routine maintenance. Exchange the new Hygiene Kit while sanitized with the original parts after high usage. These parts may be easily removed for thorough, deep cleaning. It is much more convenient for the maintenance person to simply switch parts and your machine will not have any downtime when maintenance is needed. Deep cleaning the drink-contact parts may not be possible on-site or you may have a long distance to get to a proper cleaning area. Make your routine maintenance a breeze with a Hygiene Kit.

Parts Included:

  • Whipper chamber & hood -  "mixing bowls"
  • Whipper Wheels
  • Dispense Nozzles
  • Red Tube (w/Rio, Bravo, Columbia, and Atlas)
  • Blue delivery tube (w/Rio, Bravo,  Bravo Double, Columbia, and  Atlas)
  • Yellow delivery tube (w/Bravo, Bravo Double, Columbia, and Atlas)
  • Black delivery tube (w/Atlas only)
  • Axis O Ring Seals
  • Made of durable materials.
  • The mixing bowls have an easy click-in mode of fastening and are made to withstand high temperatures.
  • All parts can interchange with Bravo Espresso and Bravo Double, Rio, and Columbia. No confusion when having multiple machines to clean about what parts go with what machine. Only the delivery tube will change from vending to small countertop-sized machines due to the different lengths needed. Color coding helps understand what tube goes where.
  • No sharp objects are involved to be concerned about the maintenance person being hurt by.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions N/A

Active Protein-Vending, Atlas, Bravo, Bravo Double Espresso, Columbia, Rio

Sales Tax

We do not charge sales tax on drink machines for most of the states in the United States. The one exception is Texas, our home state. If you have a Texas tax exemption, please send it to waive the state sales tax.  All consumables are always tax-free.

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